15mm Lucid Transparent

Pure limpid colour that allows light to shine and bounce. This translucent collection is made up of harmonious natural colours that create a vibrant, clean look when applied to any surface. Most colours allow more than 50% light through therefore it is important to use the correct white glue to prevent discoloration of the tile after application. We have had the lighter more transparent colours mounted on paper to prevent the mesh showing through, especially on vertical surfaces. This means that these tiles must be mounted indirectly or ´upside down´.
Tile size:1.5x1.5cm (2.25cm2) Tile thickness:3mm thick
Standard sheet:400 tiles, 33x33cm Sheets per m2:9.4
Sheet weight:0.800 kg Box:20 sheets = 2.11 m2
• UVA and frost resistant
• Translucent color
• Cuts easily with minimal shattering
• Paper mounted to avoid mesh appearance after installation

Usages (include but are not limited to):
• Walls, Floors, Pools, Kitchens, Bathrooms
• Architectural and hobby both indoor and outdoor
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